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Our Next Agenda


Our agenda for Thursday, April 27th, 2017 provides 10 sessions at this meeting, cognitive collaboration powered by IBM Watson, IBM Domino / XPages, IBM Connections and third party ecosystem solutions.  All venues are open 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting agenda.  Individual locations may extend the meeting time for local networking. 

A handy one-pager may be downloaded here.



Atlantic:  Registration begins at: 12:30PM, Event agenda 1:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Eastern: Registration begins at: 11:30AM, Event agenda 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Central: Registration begins at: 10:30AM, Event agenda: 11:00 am to 4:00 pm
Mountain: Registration begins at: 9:30AM, Event agenda: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm
Pacific: Registration begins at: 8:30AM, Event Agenda: 9:00 am to 2:00 pm


All venues are open 30 minutes prior to the start of the meeting.  Individual locations may extend the meeting time for local networking.  There will be two 15 minute breaks during the day.

Lessons learned from the IBM Connect Hackathon

Session: Lessons learned from the IBM Connect Hackathon

Presenters: Graham AcresBrytek Systems

Abstract IBM and OpenNTF hosted a hackathon on the day prior to the start of IBM Connect in San Francisco. As it was my first hackathon I want to share the experience with our members. Ultimately it was a fun and rewarding experience, and I encourage others who might not consider participating in a hackathon to give it a try. This session will briefly present the format, the goals of my team, the outcome and what I would do differently at the next one I attend.

Watson Workspace Keynote

Session: Watson Workspace Keynote

Presenter: Ann-Marie Darrough, IBM

Abstract: Ann-Marie Darrough is the Director, Offering Management, Watson Work at IBM.  Join Ann-Marie as she takes us through an exciting look at Cognitive Team Collaboration.  It is here, it is real, it is within reach, and customers can put the power of IBM Watson behind their every day business actions and tie it into their every day business applications.  Look at examples of how it is used in real use cases.

What to do with your Domino applications? 

Session: What to do with your Domino applications?

Presenter: Doug McNeil, IBM

Abstract: Many Domino customers have made decisions about messaging but have uncertainty about what to do about their applications. This talk will outline some excellent options around analysis, modernization, migration, and hosting to help you deliver the best business outcome for the right price.

Customer Case Study: Town of Fort Erie

Session: Customer Case Study: Town of Fort Erie

Presenter: Reid Canavan, Town of Fort Erie (broadcast from Toronto)

Abstract: The Corporation of the Town of Fort Erie is a local municipality servicing one of Niagara's fastest growing communities. Fort Erie is a wonderful, historically significant town with a population of approximately 30,700 residents.

  • Fort Erie is forward thinking and digitally advanced in providing services to residents, visitors, businesses and employees.
  • Using the strengths of IBM technology allows Fort Erie to do more with less and serve these stakeholder groups by providing a far higher level of services backed by information technology than would be expected with its complement of IT professionals.
  • This presentation will give an overview of how IBM technology is utilized to provide the solutions internally to employees and externally to the other stakeholder groups. Fort Erie has achieved integration between many of its services. An employee can open up a property, and be able to link to anything else, including the tax system!
  • We will also provide more details on a couple recent projects including an exciting payment API allowing residents and visitors to pay parking tickets, property taxes, water bills, and more services in the future.
  • We will also discuss some of the technology directions we are excited about and beginning to utilize or explore.

SESSION: Chatting with Watson

Presenter: Van Staub – IBM

Abstract:Chat bots are quickly becoming both the face and voice of the Cognitive era.  In this session you'll learn how to quickly build and deploy chat bots using IBM Watson Workspace.  We'll also explore what exactly makes Watson Work Services cognitive and other services that you can leverage to build intelligent assistants for any organization.

Chatting with Watson


SESSION: Ready, Aim, Fire: Mastering the Latest in the Domino Administrator’s Arsenal

Presenter: Benedek Menesi – Ytria

Abstract: With IBM Connect just a few months back, there have been some exciting announcements for the IBM Notes Domino roadmap from externalizing views to new formulas, increasing the all-too-well known 32k error limit and more. In this in-depth session we'll dive deep into understanding what these changes and improvements mean for the product, as well as how to best make use of them as Administrators and Developers to improve our messaging and collaboration infrastructures.

You'll walk away with a solid understanding of the tools and features you'll be getting with Feature Packs along the way, as well as a refresher on what has been recently added but may have gone under your radar.

Ready, Aim, Fire: Mastering the Latest in the Domino Administrator’s Arsenal

SESSION: Alexa, Meet Verse!

Presenter: Heiko Voigt – Harbour Light

Abstract: In this technical discussion we will give you an overview on how to build an Amazon Alexa Skill that allows you to access the content of your email system (being IBM Domino/IBM Verse for the sake of the demo) and interact with your email system using Amazon Alexa Voice technology.We also talk briefly about pitfalls and security considerations for a service like this.

Alexa, Meet Verse!

***POSTPONED***SESSION: Customer Case Study: CAP St-Barnabé

Presenter: Alexandre Lanoue – SIA Innovations

Abstract: The CAP St-Barnabé is a non-profit organization in Montreal offering an environment for people who have-not had luck in life to get back on their feet and find some assistance. It provides various services such as public housing, meals, refuge, social assistance and much more.

This presentation will cover how IBM technology helped them to improve processes and offer better services using IBM Connections Cloud, IBM Verse and BOX.


**POSTPONED** Customer Case Study: CAP St-Barnabé

SESSION: The Next Generation of Collaboration: Integrated Applications

Presenter: Handly Cameron – AppFusions

Abstract: The way that digital tools enable collaboration in the workforce is set for one of the largest shifts in years as new technologies and techniques prove several paths forward towards effective new methods.” - Dion Hinchliffe

The world of collaboration is changing quickly, with many new cloud and server-based applications and systems calling for your users attention. Come see how to leverage application integration to build a digital workplace hub for your users, enabling them to access all of their apps, data, processes, and systems of record within IBM Connections. We will show you how to surface data and applications in IBM Connections, allowing business stakeholders and project members to collaborate in a team workspace through integration with applications such as JIRA, Confluence, Box, and Office 365.

The Next Generation of Collaboration: Integrated Applications