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Video: IBM Think 2019: First Look Demo: DQL Explorer

Recorded at IBM Think 2019 during IBM Collaboration Solutions Community Day, Andrew Manby and Luis Guirigay presented a prototype demonstration of a tool they are calling DQL Explorer. DQL stands for Domino Query Language, a new feature added to Domino V10 which allows very fast querying of data on a Domino server. DQL requires technical programming knowledge to use, so IBM wanted to come up with a way to offer business users to take advantage of the power of DQL. DQL Explorer is a browser based interface to DQL, allowing you to run queries against Domino applications, with the ability to export data to CSV or JSON formatted files. There are lots of great concepts presented that still need work to make a commercially available product, but it was immediately evident of the power that IBM and HCL want to bring in a low-code or no-code approach to accessing Domino data.

This session was recorded on a phone without any zooming in on the screen during the demo, so we recommend you not watch this video on a mobile device. You will also notice the level of excitement during the demo, which probably makes this a bit more of a fun experience.

Graham Acres