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C3UG Video: Notes & Domino 10 Launch Warmup: Where's the Beef?


With the Notes & Domino 10 official launch next week, Colin, Graham and Heiko sat down to talk about some of the things we expect will be in the new version based on presentations and blogs that have been published this year. While their list of topics is by no means exhaustive, it touches on key features that we expect to see in the Notes Client, the Domino Server, and for developers.

After watching the video, be sure to sign up for the live stream of the launch next Tuesday. It will happen in Frankfurt, which translates to the early hours of the morning in Canada.

It will be recorded so you can check out the C3UG Facebook page for links to the replay.

After the launch we will be back with another video going through the features that were included and the things that we think will benefit organizations that are using Notes and Domino right away.

Graham Acres