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C3UG Video: The Future of Application Development in Notes/Domino 10

In this episode, recorded at Engage 2018 in Rotterdam, the C3UG Maple Lounge welcomes IBM Champions Per Henrik Lausten and Paul Withers who give us a few minutes of their time to share their thoughts on how we will be able to build applications in Notes and Domino 10.  In particular, they talk about the addition of Node.js and how that opens the use of Node-Red for building workflow applications in a visual development experience.  

New developers have an easy path to using Notes and Domino with newer JavaScript tools, and for developers who have been around for a while, there is expanded support for Java as a development language, with access to easier integration and wider support for tools you are already comfortable with.  They don't talk about it here, but HCL have also commented about going back into the LotusScript langauge and adding new features, something that hasn't happened for a very long time.