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Connections Pink AppDev using Project LiveGrid – Apps for everyone!

In this video we see an introduction to how we will be able to build apps inside IBM Connections using a tool that currently has a code name of LiveGrid. Maureen Leland of IBM joins C3UG Core Team members Heiko Voigt and Colin Breckles to give us an update on Connections Pink and LiveGrid. Maureen's involvement with collaboration tools dates back to when she started at Lotus Development Corp in the mid-90's. She is ideally positioned to take advantage of her years of experience building features and functionality in Notes and Domino to build a next generation application development tool.

LiveGrid is something that will appeal to long-time advocates in the collaboration world who have seen one too many spreadsheets used for data analysis in a silo in their time. Now we can offer business users the ability to build solutions that they would otherwise use a spreadsheet for in a very similar layout, but in a way that may be easily hared with others in the organization. LiveGrid includes functions that are easy to understand and use by non-technical users to build intelligent solutions.

Maureen shows examples of how to build a quick application using a spreadsheet as the data source, or a Domino application as the data source, with the resulting application being available in Connections. She also talks about some of the features that IBM is still working on to include with the tool.