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C3UG at 2018 in Rotterdam

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Engage is a major User Group operating in the Benelux region in Europe, but with worldwide attendance, focusing on all IBM Collaboration Solutions. This year saw the user group's 10th major event. It was held on a docked cruise ship, the SS Rotterdam in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Heiko and Graham from C3UG were there and found some time to sit down with a variety of attendees, as well as folks from IBM and HCL, to talk about what is going on in the world of IBM Collaboration Solutions. Bob Schultz, the new General Manager of IBM Watson Talent and Collaboration Solutions attended and spoke about the future of all products in the ICS suite, talking about the convergence of the tools. Connections, Watson Workspace, Notes and Domino, and Sametime all were topics discussed during the conference.

We have already posted two videos from the conference with several more to come. As always, you can find all of our video content on our YouTube channel. The first feature Heiko in conversation with Andrew Manby from IBM, and Graham with Jason Roy Gary from HCL, both talking about the future of Notes and Domino. Our filming location was very close to the main event meeting area, so as a result there is a lot of background noise. It was great to be close to everything that was going on, but at times we couldn't avoid the noise. We are appreciative to Engage to allow us the opportunity to conduct these interviews and worked with the space available. Just consider the extra noise of conversation and clinking dishes to be “community buzz” :)

All presentation decks from the conference can be found attached to each session description within the Engage web site.