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Video: Domino Applications on Cloud With Stuart McKay

In this installment we are delighted to have Stuart McKay from IBM to present the latest on IBM's offering of Domino Applications on Cloud, or DAC. Stuart joins C3UG core team members Colin Breckles and Scott Mitchell. As IBM's ICS Technical Sales Lead in Canada, Scott has talked with many organizations about their options for continuing to run their Domino applications, so the timing of this announcement is very good.

IBM announced DAC at an event in Tokyo in September, with the expectation of general availability in October 2017.

IBM Domino Applications on Cloud offers organizations the opportunity to continue to run Domino applications in IBM's cloud should they be challenged with continuing to host their Domino environment on-prem. Stuart explores the other reasons an organization may find remote hosting of apps during his talk.

As always, we welcome your feedback, on this topic, or on ideas for future videos. Please use the discussion area of this page to let us know what you think or what other topics you would like to see us cover with our video content.

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