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C3UG Embarks On A New Approach To Sharing Information

C3UG now has a YouTube channel!  We are looking for new ways to share information with our community, and have taken the step to recording video content on a wide variety of topics relevant to organizations using IBM Collaboration tools.  We also expect to include content beyond the ICS world that illustrates how to integrate techniques, tools and platforms with ICS.

In this first installment, we welcome Phil Riand of Trilog Group.  Phil gives an overview of Darwino and then shows how the tool may be used to present data from a Domino application in a modern UI via a browser and mobile devices.  He also provides a sample of the development platform API and tools to show how you can extend Darwino to suit your needs.

To learn more about Darwino please visit The Darwino Playground may be found at

Future Videos

We have several more tremendious  presentations lined up and are looking at this blog to being our main conduit to sharing information to the community. 

 As always, we are interested in your feedback.  Do you prefer the in-person meetings we've had recently, or is this a better way to share information?  Do you have a topic you would like to present?  Please send us your feedback in the comments below