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Video: Node Interactive Conference 2017 - Vancouver, BC

C3UG member Graham Acres attended the Node Interactive conference held in Vancouver during the first week of October in 2017. Node Interactive is a conference that focuses on Node.js and is put on by the Node Foundation. It was a 3-day conference that included technical sessions and a Code and Learn day.

IBM was a sponsor of the event, along with Google, Microsoft and others. As Node.js is Open Source software, the event had a different feel that a typical software conference, and yet many elements were similar. In this video Graham shares his experience at the conference, including why he went, what he saw, who he met and his takeaways from the experience.

As a teaser, there are key members of IBM's involvement with the Node.js community who are based in Canada, the community overall is very welcoming and does not show the vendor bias we see in other communities, and there are new things that are very interesting in terms of how we might take advantage of them in the IBM Collaboration Solutions world, as well as some old tricks that we know our tools still match up against the best in the world.

Node Interactive will be back in Vancouver in 2018, October 10-12.